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From plant floor instrumentation to integration with enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs) where you manage your business, industrial automation let you have control of your processes and give you visibility of them with information of production and performance whenever you want and wherever you are, letting you make intelligent decisions in real time.

Top brands from industrial automation market for both software (HMI, SCADA, MES) and hardware (PLC, RTU, PAC, DCS), allow us to offer integral solutions which let you achieve operational excellence.

In the industrial automation area, you can count on us for following services:

  • Installation and programming of PLCs, RTUs, PACs.

  • Human Machine Interface (HMI).

  • SCADA and GeoSCADA for Power Generation and Distribution, Water & Waste Water, Oil & Gas.

  • Alarming notification.

  • Web content based reports. Recipe management and batch control based on ISA S88.

  • Manufacturing Execution Systems, Traceability and Genealogy(MES).

  • Statistical Process Control (SPC).

  • Integration with Enterprise Resource Planning systems based on ISA S95.



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